written by

Antra Sah





Imagining an outdoor meeting you get all excited! Happy to work in a different ambience, outside your office enclosure! Daily and daily working in the same environment makes it monotonous. With this comes the concept of modern cafe. Cafes are no more a place just to hang around with your buddies. Present day cafes are designed with the mindset of making it a comfortable yet ideal place to work and relax.

These cafes are an ideal place to hangout, spend quality time, read a novel, work or do whatever you want. Best part of these cafes is however long you stay you aren’t judged or constantly poked to order.

Location of the cafe is a prime factor to consider. If the location is far from the main working area, then the project will be a failure. Location, ambience, atmosphere and the comfort are the 4 mantras to consider while designing a modern-day cafe.


Let’s have a look at the 5 best modern cafe interior designs:

  1. Farmhouse style –

This is the most happening and in-trend cafe design. It is all about using wood planks with a modern touch and creating the ambience. Amalgamating the traditional and modern timber ideas, farmhouse style gives the cafe the perfect outlook. The wooden interiors are not only sober and classy to look but also imbibe the perfect feeling of a workplace.

  1. Natural lighting style –

The concept of a cafe being lit via nature’s light is amazing and nothing new. The combination of open space, sunlight and breeze with proper interiors tends to set in the aura. Such a setting made of mesh and bamboo never fails to attract customers.

  1. Vintage style –

Vintage is the current day trend in interior designing especially in cafes and restaurants. It is a mix of old and new styles and designs. The best trick to outrun yourself in this competitive market is to go antique of your area. Every place has its own story, explore it and get the famous stuffs of those times.

  1. Corporate style –

Corporate style is getting very popular in cafe interior designs. Corporate style cafe is a place open to all to come and work at their peace. No fancy/ loud atmosphere; instead a stylish and comfy place to work in. It has both the concepts of single table and long table.

  1. Nature-friendly –

Going green is very much in trend these days. For designing such an interior the color combination is to be given utmost preferences. From selection of the plants to color and style of the pot everything matters. Working in such an environment gives you a fresh and positive feeling. 

Modern cafe is an emerging concept and a flourishing business. The main reason for this is the people’s choice and preference for freelancing and entrepreneurship in Kolkata. So, if you are planning to open one make sure to have a proper research on the 4 mantras.